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Hot And Sexy Brazilian Women And Girls: Top-10 Hottest Women Of Brazil

People say sexy Brazilian women are totally irresistible. Well, that's true. Don't believe this? We found the top 10 hottest Brazilian girls who will show you how wrong you were. So, relax and enjoy looking at the sexiest influencers ever!

Ludmila Oliveira da Silva

Instagram: @ludmilla
Date of birth: April 24, 1995
Number of followers: 23.3 M
Occupation: singer, songwriter, influencer, dancer
We'd like to start with a real star and a beautiful woman, Ludmilla. She is the number 1 fan of Beyonce in Brazil — she was inspired by her music, her style, her everything, and this inspiration helped Ludmila achieve great success. In 2020, she became the first Black Latin-American female musician to reach 1 billion streams on good old Spotify. Currently, she is one of the biggest stars in the country.

Her mind-blowing career, however, is not the only reason why we mention her among the other hot Brazilian women. She puts a lot of effort to make her Instagram look amazing and interesting to check out, and obviously, she succeeds! By the way, Ludmila has a gorgeous body, and she doesn't hesitate to wear bikinis and take tons of hot photos.

Flavia Pavanelli

Instagram: @flaviapavanelli
Date of birth: 3 March, 1998
Number of followers: 17.8 M
Occupation: actress, YouTuber, influencer
Meet another star — Flavia Pavanelli! She is definitely on the list of sexy Brazilian girls, and more importantly, one of the most successful hot Brazilian girls! This young lady with a pretty face and a gorgeous body has over 17 million followers on Instagram and over 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

The best thing is she creates different content. She talks about fashion, makeup, shopping, shares her experience with millions of people who follow her on social networks and also discusses some serious topics. Nevertheless, she also takes and shares tons of pics of herself wearing mind-blowing bikinis and lingerie, and we absolutely appreciate this!

Viih Tube

Instagram: @viihtube
Date of birth: 18 September, 2000
Number of followers: 17.4 M
Occupation: YouTuber, Tik Toker, influencer
Some people would say that Viih Tube doesn't look like a typical Brazilian. However, she just proves that the image of a "typical" sexy Brazilian girl is rather stereotypical. She is a very cute and pretty skinny blonde, who doesn't focus on her sexuality only. Nevertheless, we aren't going to deny that she also has amazing curves and sometimes takes amazing photos of herself wearing bikinis, but let's say that's how she makes her content more diverse. Well, we and 17 million followers love that!

She is not just sexy but also very successful. There are 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and 9 million followers on TikTok, and that's pretty impressive. She has an interesting personality and views on different things, and she is one of the most beautiful women in Brazil, so if you this is what you were looking for, you will absolutely love her Instagram.


Instagram: @lexa
Date of birth: February 22, 1995
Number of followers: 16.5 M
Occupation: singer, songwriter, dancer
Léa Cristina Lexa Araújo da Fonseca, also known as Lexxa is a famous Brazilian singer. This sexy Brazilian woman has a great voice and is very talented, but we're not going to discuss her music career today. We'd like to talk about this hottie herself, as well as about her Instagram account. If you take a look at her page, you will understand why people consider her to be one of those sexy Brazilian ladies. There are tons of photos and videos not only from the concerts, but also from the famous Brazilian carnivals (yes, this beauty also participates in them and wears mind-blowing costumes), beaches, and other beautiful places, but the most beautiful thing on this page is still Lexa's gorgeous body.

Cinthia Cruz

Instagram: @cinthiacruz_
Number of followers: 12.7 M
Occupation: actress, singer, influencer
Are you looking for sexy Brazilian girls? You should definitely take a look at the Instagram account of Cinthia Cruz — the promising Brazilian actress. She was cast as Gabi in Mansão Bem Assombrada — the Brazilian sitcom. She decided to use her fame and created her Instagram account. Well, that was definitely a very smart move — now she has nearly 13 million followers on her Instagram account. She also cooperates with the popular channel on YouTube.

We should note that Cinthia creates pretty diverse content. On her Instagram, you'll find everything, from beautiful landscapes to pics of her family, as well as tons of photos of her gorgeous body. By the way, she has a lot of pretty girlfriends, so you'll see their hot photos regularly, too.

Viviane Araujo

Instagram: @araujovivianne
Date of birth: March 25, 1975
Number of followers: 10.9 M
Occupation: actress, model
Young and hot Brazilian ladies are undoubtedly gorgeous, but you definitely should take a look at Brazilian MILFs, too — they are even sexier! Don't believe us? Well, take a look at the Instagram account of a famous Brazilian actress, Viviane Araujo! This hot Brazilian babe is really famous on local TV, but she is even a bigger star on social media, and if you visit her Instagram, you'll see why. She is totally into sports, and she looks just amazing. This Brazilian hot lady enjoys living her life, spending time on beautiful beaches, mind-blowing resorts, at big parties, after all, she is a celebrity! You'll see her wearing carnival costumes, mini skirts, and bikinis, and in this case, that's an art!

Jade Picon

Instagram: @jadepicon
Date of birth: September 24, 2001
Number of followers: 11.6 M
Occupation: YouTuber, influencer
Jade Picon is one of the hot Brazilian girls you'll never forget. She has a pure, natural beauty, and she definitely knows how to use it. Jade has 11,5 million followers, and that's her biggest achievement. In part, she owes it to her older brother, an Internet star, Leonardo Picon Froes. That was her first springboard to fame, but we must admit that she couldn't become this popular without her own charisma and beauty. She is famous on Twitter and on Youtube, and that proves that people are really interested in the content she creates. However, if you don't speak Portuguese but value beauty in women, you'll like photos and videos on her Instagram a lot.

Lívia Andrade

Date of birth: 20 June, 1983
Number of followers: 9.5 M
Occupation: TV host, actress, model
Livia Andrade is also one of the famous & sexy Brazilian women. She started her career when she was only 13 years old — she became a model, and then "upgraded" to an actress. Of course, she became successful — even Livia Andrade remains one of the most popular TV hosts and actresses in Brazil. However, it doesn't mean that she focuses on her television career. Livia also makes every effort to make her Instagram profile super popular. Considering that she has over 9 million followers in Brazil and other countries all the world, she definitely chose the right strategy.

Mariana Rios

Instagram: @marianarios
Date of birth: July 5, 1985
Number of followers: 8.2 M
Occupation: singer, actress, influencer
Here is another sexy Brazilian babe — a singer and an actress Maria Rios! What is special about this gorgeous brunette? Well, first of all, she is very talented. This hot Brazilian girl started her career at age seven — she was participating in local music festivals and played with local bar bands. She moved to Rio at the age of 15 and finally had her first role in Brazilian telenovela and a few musicals. Now Mariana Rios is a star not only on television but also on social media. She has over 8 million followers on Instagram, and frankly, it's not surprising. Her content is very appealing. We couldn't even decide what we actually liked more — beautiful places, songs, or photos of gorgeous Mariana Rios in bikinis, mind-blowing dresses, and lingerie.

Ingrid Ohara

Instagram: @oharaingrid
Date of birth: November 25, 1996
Number of followers: 7.5 M
Occupation: YouTuber, influencer
Who can be better than hot Brazilian women? Only hot Brazilian models with a good sense of humor! Ingrid Ohara created her own YouTube channel with tons of comedy videos, social experiments, and hilarious vlogs. Yes, she was talented enough to achieve success, and now she has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube only. But what about Instagram? Well, she has 7,5 million followers there, too. Maybe, the fact that she is even more popular on Instagram may be explained by her content. Unlike other comedians, she uploads not only funny videos or sketches but also tons of photos of her daily life. We believe that even foreign men who see this hottie just can't resist her beauty, so they come and they stay, again and again.


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