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Best Of The Best: 8 Hot And Sexy Puerto Rican Women And Girls

How many sexy Puerto Rican women can you find on the web? Well, we saw hundreds of hot Puerto Rican babes on social media. Frankly, it was pretty hard to choose the 8 most gorgeous ladies, but we did it. Keep reading this article to see these beauties, learn more about their interests, careers, the content they create, and check out the hot pictures they share on their accounts!

Mimi Pabon

Instagram: @mimipabon
Date of birth: January 3, 1985
Number of followers: 886 K
Occupation: actress, TV, model
Meet the first sexy Puerto Rican in our list of hot Puerto Rican girls. She was born in New York, but she moved back to Puerto Rico at the age 9. She started her modeling career at the age 3 and became a professional model after she turned 14. She was a model for many famous brands, appeared in films, commercials, and also became a TV host and worked for such channels as WAPA, WAPA America, and Mega TV. She is also a beauty pageant titleholder: she was Miss Puerto Rico Teen Latina, represented her country at the Miss International 2008 pageant, and was crowned Miss Puerto Rico 2009. Simply put, she was recognized as a very, very beautiful woman plenty of times! Well, it is no surprise — everyone who takes a look at her Instagram realizes why she is this successful. Of course, she is also very talented, but her beauty is totally irresistible, and this, in particular, made her popular on Instagram where she has 886 K followers worldwide.

Tatted Up Holly

Instagram: @tattedupholly
Date of birth: May 13, 1990
Number of followers: 616 K
Occupation: former stripper, model, influencer
Tatted Up Holly is another hot Puerto Rican girl born in the USA. Currently, she has 600 K followers. How did she become popular? Well, she collaborated with such big stars as 50 Cent, Jay Z, JR Smith, and others. She doesn't deny that she loves stiptease and that she doesn't mind showing her curves (which are absolutely mind-blowing, by the way) on social media and in real life. Generally speaking, this is a hottie with plenty of tattoos all over her body who is totally into the rap culture. If you like this type of hot Puerto Rican ladies, you definitely should take a look at her Instagram.

Lynette Chico

Instagram: @lynettechico
Date of birth: April 22, 1971
Number of followers: 246 K
Occupation: TV host, actress, producer, influencer
Current place of residence: Miami
Some like sexy Puerto Rican girls, and some like Puerto Rican MILFs. If you believe that mature women are even sexier, meet Lynette Chico — a woman who proves that beauty can last forever. She is a model, actress, TV and radio host. She is also a gorgeous curvy blonde who doesn't think that women at a certain age must stop wearing short skirts and hot bikinis. Lynette is one of the confident, sexy, fit, feminine, passionate, successful, and just hot Puerto Rican women. No wonder she has over 246 K followers on Instagram — people love the way she lives her life, and we completely understand them!


Instagram: @iamjaymarie
Date of birth: unknown
Number of followers: 34,7 K
Occupation: businesswoman, model
Let us introduce another Puerto Rican sexy woman — Ms. JayMarie. She is not as popular as the girls we mentioned above, however, we took a really close look at her Instagram, and we believe that this hottie has a big future on social media. She is not just a curvy Puerto Rican (nevertheless, we highly recommend taking a look at her photos — this lady has thinner waist and wider hips than Kylie Jenner) — she is also a business woman with her own brand of sleepwear, Pink Confetti. She also works as a model for it, so you can find more photos of gorgeous Jaymarie in her online shop, too.

Shelby Korpi

Instagram: @shelbykorpi
Date of birth: unknown
Number of followers: 20,1 K
Occupation: model, business woman
We like the fact that sexy Puerto Rican babes work hard to develop their businesses, so meet another girl who doesn't focus on her looks only — Ms. Shelby Korbi. Currently, this hot blonde produces stylish face masks and promotes her business on Instagram. She works as a model for her own brand, too. Still, her personal account is worth attention, too. On her personal page, she posts tons of hot pics of herself (well, that's how you drive people's attention in the modern world), and we must admit that they are absolutely mind-blowing. Shelby has a fit body, good taste, and a beautiful face, so if you value beauty in women and look for sexy Puerto Rican ladies to follow on Instagram, take a look at her account — she is the one you were looking for.

Andrissa Delgado

Instagram: @xo_drissa
Date of birth: unknown
Number of followers: 12 K
Occupation: model
Here is another sexy Puerto Rican woman and a promising Instagram influencer, Andrissa Delgado. Currently, this hot girl is working on boosting her account, and we believe that she'll succeed. Why? She is not a traveler, not a makeup artist, not a fashion model. But she is a very, very beautiful Puerto Rican girl with a lifestyle blog. What can go wrong? Andrissa has amazing curves, super thin waist, beautiful dark curly hair and deep brown eyes. And yes, she doesn't hesitate to take and share multiple photos of herself in bikini and lingerie — there are a lot of people who value great visual content, and that's what she offers to the audience. On her account, she states that she is one of a kind. Well, we completely agree with you, Andrissa!

Danna Hernández

Instagram: @danyeshka
Date of birth: 16 October, 1996
Number of followers: 178 K
Occupation: model, influencer
Danyeshka aka "Danna" Hernandez is a hot Puerto Rican model and beauty pageant titleholder. She is Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017, and a participant of the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. Undoubtedly, Danna is a very beautiful girl. But she is also a very smart woman — currently, she studies in the Department of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing at the University of Puerto Rico. Moreover, she is a life coach, too. This hottie has two pages — her personal lifestyle blog and @missempowered where she posts motivational and inspirational content, shares her thoughts and stories. We believe both pages deserve attention, but if you want to see sexy Puerto Rican women, you'll probably like her personal account better.

Alondra Delgado

Instagram: @ialondradelgado
Date of birth: August 20, 1997
Number of followers: 16,6 K
Occupation: actress, writer
Meet another type of hot Puerto Rican girls who is also an American actress — Alondra Delgado. She was born in Los Angeles, but she states that she was "made in Puerto Rico" on her Instagram account. She is not a superstar, but she is a very promising actress. She already appeared as Vanessa Montes on the hit series All American and on 3 episodes of Mayans M.C, and we believe that more roles are waiting for her. She is smart, she is beautiful, and she knows what she wants. Still, if you have never watched these shows, you might want to follow her on Instagram, too. This hot Puerto Rican chick shares a lot of photos, and they are definitely worth checking out.


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