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Hot And Sexy Colombian Women And Girls — Meet Them All Here!

It is no secret that men go crazy about hot Colombian women. They are passionate, they are emotional, they are curvy and just mind-blowing. More importantly, they are not shy, so they share their beauty with their subscribers and followers. Below, you'll find the list of 10 most irresistible sexy Colombian girls.

Ariana James

Instagram: @ariana
Date of birth: 10 September, 1990
Number of followers: 2.7 M
Occupation: fitness model, influencer
Current place of residence: Miami
All hot Colombian girls love gym — after all, they make a real effort to make their bodies look beautiful, but no one tries harder than Ariana James. This sexy Colombian is a bikini and fitness model, and, of course, an influencer. Now, she is considered one of the most successful Colombian Instagram stars. She cooperates with various fitness brands, so her followers can see her gorgeous body in plenty of different shorts and super tight leggings. Most photos you can see on Ariana's account are photos of her wearing something cute and sexy, so even if you are not really into sports and if you don't even speak Spanish, you'll be able to find tons of interesting content there.

Alejandra Gomez

Number of followers: 635 K
Occupation: model, influencer
A lot of sexy Colombian women dream of becoming influencers. However, very few of them (despite that all of them are beautiful) succeed. Alejandra Gomez is one of the sexy Colombian babes who could monetize their natural beauty and all the efforts they make to have a perfect body.

Generally speaking, Alejandra is a lifestyle blogger — 635K followers watch her having fun, traveling, working, and so on. Nevertheless, we can't deny that most photos on her Instagram are photos of her wearing sexy clothes. Some may say this is a con, but come on, there are a lot of popular science YouTube channels, so why not check them out? Alejandra Gomez's account is for those who value beauty!

Paula Andrea Restrepo

Instagram: @paulitaar
Date of birth: September 8, 1985
Number of followers: 726 K
Occupation: model, businesswoman, influencer
Do you want to see hot Colombian ladies? Then you definitely should take a look at Paula Andrea Restrepo — you will hardly forget this gorgeous woman. She is a Colombian model, influencer, and a businesswoman who has her own clothing brand. Andrea understood how effective social media could be and decided to post her first picture on Instagram 6 years ago.

Well, that was a smart move — since then, over 700K people started to follow her. Of course, that boosted her sales a lot. Well, in this case, it's good for both Andrea and her subscribers. She gets the audience, prospective buyers, fans, and even friends, and her audience can enjoy the pics of Andrea wearing crazy clothes (mostly bikinis) or even wearing nothing but body art. Well, everybody wins!

Tuti Vargas

Instagram: @tutivargasm
Date of birth: October 30, 1989
Number of followers: 1 M
Occupation: YouTuber, influencer
Tuti Vargas is one of the hot Colombian women who became incredibly popular on YouTube. She shared a lot of beauty tutorials as well as lifestyle vlogs, and the Colombian audience just could not resist her charm. She became even more famous on Instagram where she has over a million followers. What's her secret? Frankly, we can't claim anything, but we believe that she became popular not only because she has a gorgeous body and a very beautiful face, but also because she is incredibly cute. She is one of those girls who look incredibly sexy, nice, and kind at the same time. And as you know, this is the combination that attracts people (especially men) the best.

Cintia Cossio

Instagram: @soycintiacossio
Date of birth: October 24, 1996
Number of followers: 2.1 M
Occupation: model, influencer, makeup artist
Who is this hot Colombian Instagram model? This is a Colombian sexy girl, influencer, model, and makeup artist, Cintia Cossio. However, this lady is different from most other Colombian models. She often has colored hair (currently blonde), has lots of tattoos, and loves creative outfits and even cosplay costumes (you just have to see her in Mera costume!) Still, there is at least one thing Cintia and other models have in common — all sexy Colombian ladies don't hesitate to share hot photos, and this cutie is not an exception.

Laura Sanchez

Instagram: @laurasanchezh_
Date of birth: August 24, 1997
Number of followers: 1.2 M
Occupation: model, influencer, content creator
Meet another Colombian sexy girl — young and beautiful Laura Sanchez This hottie is very popular in Brazil, too. He has a Tik Tok account with over a million followers (she posts mostly fitness, fashion, and lifestyle content) and an Instagram account with 1,2 million followers. Speaking of Instagram, what kind of content does Laura create? She's rather a lifestyle blogger, so you won't find long texts and specific content on her page, but you will definitely see over 1,000 pictures, most of which are photos of gorgeous Laura. Some women would say that's boring, but most men would say that the most beautiful and the most interesting content they have ever seen!

Estefania Pereira

Instagram: @stefy__pereir
Number of followers: 500 K
Occupation: fitness model, fitness trainer
This hottie posted her first photo on Instagram about 2 years ago, and she already has over 500,000 followers. What's the secret? Well, we believe there are two reasons why Estefania quickly became this popular. First of all, she is a fitness model and a fitness trainer, and she shares her knowledge about how other sexy Colombian girls can stay fit. Second of all, she shows how exactly they will look if they work out as often as Estefania. By the way, the second factor is the reason why men love this account, too. If you visit her Instagram, you will not find any landscapes, or family photos, or photos of food. All you can see there are the hottest pics of Estefania Pereira, so check them out!

Sara Corrales

Instagram: @saracorrales
Date of birth: December 27, 1984
Number of followers: 2.8 M
Occupation: actress, singer, influencer
This girl is definitely one of the most gorgeous Colombian women. Hot Sara Corrales is not only beautiful but also very successful. She is a very famous Colombian actress and a singer. Like most other celebrities, she has her Instagram account with over 2,8 M followers in Colombia, as well as in other countries. Beautiful voice and acting skills are not the only reasons why people keep following her. She is also into sports, and she has a body everyone should see. Sara is 37 years old, and you will never believe this after you see her bikini pictures!

Daniela Medina

Instagram: @dani_medinag
Date of birth: June 4, 1996
Number of followers: 935 K
Occupation: model, Tik Toker, influencer
Daniela Medina is a very sexy Colombian chick. She is one of the sexiest women and among other hot Colombian girls, to be exact. Daniela is totally into sports, so her fans and followers can see short workout videos and read recommendations from her from time to time, but we aren't going to pretend that this is what made her famous. Sport is great but the results are better! Daniela's body proves that contrary to popular belief, some things in this world can be absolutely perfect. If you want to see a hot Colombian in tight shorts, leggings, hot lingerie, and bikinis and maybe even motivate yourself to go to the gym to date such a gorgeous girl, you should definitely take a look at her profile!


Instagram: @jakeline.0306
Number of followers: 1.2 M
Occupation: model, influencer
Who's Jakeline? Just take a look at her Instagram, and you will find the answer. This sexy Colombian girl is an Insta model. Currently, she has over 1 million followers on Instagram, and we all know why. This body deserves a lot of attention, and the Colombian star shows it all the time! By the way, you can follow the link in the bio for "more exclusive content" and see more of Jakeline's photos and videos.


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